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Club Cocoon Bruxelles
  • Can we come freely at Club Cocoon ?

    The Cocoon is a private club. You must be a member. To become a member is very easy: during your first visit, come with your ID or passport and we'll record your membership immediately. The membership is strictly personal. To guarantee a complete discretion you will not receive any identifiable document, your details will remain on our files.

  • Is my membership valid all the time ?

    Your membership for the club is valid for a period of one year from the date of registration.

  • Can I trust my personal data at the club without fear of being disclosed ?

    Yes, of course. We guarantee strict privacy for our members. Our computer database is protected. In addition, We don't yield, in any case, our file to third parties.

  • After paying my entry, do I still need to pay something inside ?

    We operate on the principle of 'all-in' Package: drinks and buffet are included. However, the champagne (only sold by bottle) is not included in the price.

  • Is it necessary to come with his own towel ?

    Upon arrival at the Club, we lean you a towel. During the evening, you can change your towel as many times as necessary. On leaving, just leave your towels in the baskets.

  • Are there private lockers ?

    Yes. When you arrive, you receive a locker's key. This key is provided with a strap to keep it around the arm. You also can leave it at the bar. You must give back the key to exit.

  • What is the average age in the club ?

    Everything depends on the day. We have customers of all ages...

  • Are there special nights at Cocoon ?

    There are regular theme events. For more information, look at the Agenda, or the Forum page on the Site or subscribe to our newsletter.

  • Are we obliged to be scantily clad ?

    You are free to dress on the way on which you feel most comfortable. However, on Friday and Saturday night after 23h we require you to be sexily (un)dressed. Topless for men and sexy outfit for misses. For safety and hygiene reasons, access to alcoves is ONLY allowed in lingerie.

  • Are we obliged to participate in lovemaking ?

    You can move at your own pace, nothing will ever be imposed on you. You can stay at the bar to talk with a drink, you romp on the dance floor, stay relax in the sauna, dine in our restaurant, and if like it more, you can go get lost in our delightfully decorated alcoves. But you are free to do whatever you want. Only one slogan: Mutual respect is mandatory.

  • We are very shy, how to meet people ?

    Don't worry, upon arrival, we will put you at ease immediately. Our regular members are very friendly, so you will have no trouble to make new friends and you will quickly be integrated with the others.

  • I'm afraid to come. Can I come once just for a drink and watch ?

    Let your fear aside. We strive to pace you. But keep in mind that the club access conditions are the same for all members.

  • If I come as a man alone, am I sure to 'consume' ?

    Your entry guarantees access to the infrastructure. For the rest, be charming with the ladies, with respect, humor and kindness.

  • Can you drink at will ?

    Yes you can. You have access to the open bar. Obviously, the goal is not to drink until you no longer stand. Alcohol does not help much for cuddling ... Moreover, for your own safety, the bar no longer serves alcohol one hour before closing.